Amplify your helping capabilities.

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Introducing a revolutionary way to volunteer in your community.

Here2Volunteer is a mobile application which connects people of all ages, interested in volunteering, with community organizations that are in need of volunteers. The application makes it easy for volunteers to find opportunities or events they are interested in while providing organizations a platform for finding and communicating with volunteers. Here2Volunteer not only connects volunteers with volunteer opportunities, but provides a comprehensive volunteer management system which organizations can use to manage their volunteers. Here2Volunteer provides a safe and secure system for organizations to create and maintain events and opportunities within an event in such a way that volunteers can easily be assigned. More importantly, Here2Volunteer takes away the stress of administrative functions by placing the app in the volunteers’ hands. Opportunities or events for organizations and volunteers are easy to organize thanks to the calendar feature that keeps track of opportunity/event times, making coordination stress free.

With the app in your volunteer’s hands, you can be notified when a volunteer completes their task the moment it is completed.

Here2Volunteer allows your organization to publish opportunities for volunteers online, schedule opportunities/events, and get live updates on the tasks being performed. Within the application, the opportunities may be assigned to volunteers who have already been vetted by your organization or accept applications from new volunteers. The cloud-based platform, hosted in Canada provides organizations with an intuitive interface to manage their volunteers and tasks. Increased functionality is available for volunteers who decide to use the Here2Volunteer mobile app (for Android or IOS). This solution is made extremely affordable and scalable for organizations of all sizes. In its simplest form, it brings volunteers and organizations together.

Optimize your management of human capital, or take advantage of the advertisement opportunity through corporate sponsorship of the system.

Volunteer management has never been so easy.

Connect and engage with your community.

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Change the way you help others.

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